AZ-PRIDE Overview

The nation, including the state of Arizona with a population that is 35% Latino and Native American, suffers from staggering health disparities contributed to, in part, by the absence of a diverse biomedical and healthcare workforce. The primary objective of the AZ-PRIDE program is to provide advanced training in an interprofessional environment to qualified candidates from backgrounds underrepresented in the biomedical sciences, who are committed to addressing Heart, Lung, Blood and Sleep (HLBS) health disparities through impactful research. AZ-PRIDE mentees will receive training that facilitates successful team science career development and that contributes to decreases in health disparities.Training will include:

  • Didactic instruction in:
    • Grantsmanship
    • Scientific Writing Strategies, Presentation and Bioethics
    • Community-Based Participatory Research
    • Design & Analysis of Health Outcomes & Effectiveness Research
    • Epidemiological/Bio-statistical Methods 
  • Interprofessional Career/Leadership Development
  • Structured Mentoring

Mentees will have the opportunity to participate in didactic instruction that is delivered using both in-person and online formats. The Summer Institute will provide scholars with an intensive didactic and mentoring experience in health disparities research, which will be further developed throughout the year-long program. Additional Summer Institute experiences will include visits to US-Mexico border and Native American communities.